Wake & Bake Breakfast Sessions

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January 28, 2019
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March 25, 2019

Wake & Bake Breakfast Sessions

People have different morning routines, but no matter what they consist of, there is one thing everyone shares in common – making the best out of it and starting the day off with a boosting positive energy. But if one is under a severe pressure or stress, it might become a block for taking any action in the day, which is a problem many people face on a daily basis.

Science has proven that stress is one of the top killers. In this active modern way of life, what everyone needs is focus, will and strength to be as productive as possible. And being relaxed is key. In order to achieve that, many have found the “wake and bake” activity to work perfectly in their favor.

wake and bake

Many would say, the best way to “wake and bake” is right after you open your eyes, while you are still in bed, in your most comfortable state. But breakfast will help you fight off the groggy state. Some even say, it is more effective than having several of cups of coffee.

breakfast coffeeshop

Waking up, getting ready and directly coming to your favorite coffeeshop would be even a better solution, since the people, the music and the atmosphere surrounding you will help you catch up on your regular active pace much quicker and easier. And having that in mind Prix D’Ami is ultimately the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam where you can both enjoy your “wake and bake” routine and an amazing wide variety of delicious and healthy breakfast meals.