Things To Do In Amsterdam

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March 25, 2019
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Things To Do In Amsterdam

Being one of the safest cities in Europe and a city with lots of history and culture, Amsterdam has always been one of the most attractive places for tourists from all around the globe.

Whether it is Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, the city of Amsterdam has so much to offer.

It’s simply non-imaginable to visit Amsterdam and not go canal cruising! With 165 canals, Amsterdam’s history is intimately connected with water, so make sure you make room in your schedule to get to know the water beauty of this city.

It may be a small city, but it is surely bursting with green nature. While in Amsterdam, you can always experience its green side by exploring gardens and parks, enjoying the flowers and wildlife, go to the beach of Amsterdam or even boat around the city.

Amsterdam is known for its charming canal houses, but the city is also known for it’s luxurious modern architecture, winning the eyes and the hearts of people over and over again. The Amsterdam School, the windmills and drawbridges – all that has historic beauty to it, and then all that celebrates the cutting-edge modern design, it is all worth seeing.

And the Amsterdam museums, galleries and exhibitions are most definitely worth visiting! There is so much art in this city! Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, The Van Gogh Museum, The Amsterdam Museum Hermitage Amsterdam are just a few…

But Amsterdam is a city that offers excitement and adventures as well! From sport activities, escape rooms and tons of places you could go shopping, places suitable for children, children’s shops and petting Zoos to amazing restaurants, bars and cafes and insanely good nightlife locals and popular coffeeshops such as Prix D’Ami, the biggest coffeshop in the world!

There are so many ways you can truly feel the Amsterdam spirit and the Amsterdam culture. There is so much to see and so many memories to take back home.